Sports Injury

No matter what sport you play, your dental health could have a significant effect on your sports performance. Sports dentistry involves prevention of injury to the hard and soft tissues of the mouth, through the use of properly fitted mouth guards. Contrary to what you might think, sports injury dentistry is for everybody — not just professional athletes or those on sports teams.

Sports dentistry also involves treatment of athletes to repair injuries to the teeth and mouth sustained during athletic competition. Sports injuries to the mouth and oral environment can be disfiguring and costly, both financially and in terms of athletes’ time away from school, work or training. Sports-related injuries to the mouth can become expensive, depending upon the nature and extent of the trauma.


Fortunately, many sports-related injuries to the mouth can be easily prevented with properly designed mouth guard protection.


Sports mouthguards are used to prevent dental trauma, concussion, and even facial lacerations by spreading the force of impact. The mouthguard will be moulded to your jaw, custom made for your mouth. These days most sporting organisations will require athletes and participants to wear one as a form of prevention. In particular, strong recommendations are made for those who compete in sports with a known risk of impact or contact from hard, vigorous or repeated forces.

If you or your family participates in boxing, martial arts, rugby, football or even gymnastics, netball, cricket or wrestling, come visit us at Langmore Dental to get fitted for the right mouthguard that will not only protect but will be comfortable for hours of usage. Protect you or your child’s smile if sports are a vital and enjoyable part of your lives.

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