Sleep Dentistry

Many patients want to understand sleep sedation dentistry, what the procedure involves, and how much it costs. Phobias and anxiety related to dental procedures aren’t something that only affects children – many adults deal with the issue too.

Fortunately, Langmore Dental offers a number of options that anxious patients can benefit from. These options can help you relax in the dental chair and feel more comfortable having dental procedures done.


Sleep dentistry is not the same as a normal surgery, where general anaesthetic is required, rather, sleep dentistry puts you in a highly relaxed, sleep-like state, through the use of a sedative drug given to you via injection. During the procedure, you will feel no pain and once the procedure is complete, you will not remember anything related to the procedure.

Who is sleep dentistry designed for?

Sleep dentistry is designed for patients who have dental-related anxiety and do not want to undergo dental procedures without the use of a sedative.

In addition, this procedure is also performed on patients who have either let dental work lapse or have major work to be done on a tight deadline, such as a wedding or holiday. A key advantage of sleep dentistry is that all procedures can be done at once without the stress of undergoing several appointments close together.

What is the cost of sleep dentistry?

Every patient requires specific dental needs, sometimes significant and insignificant. For more information on cost, please call us on 03 9796 1881 Langmore Dental specialists are highly trained and qualified in sleep dentistry and have years of experience in performing dental procedures using this method.

Although relaxing and dentistry don’t seem to go hand in hand, you can rest assured our friendly and professional team in Berwick are ready to take care of you. Contact our dental team on 03 9796 1881 or

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