Have you ever looked in the mirror and noticed your teeth are crooked? Often what people associate with braces is the cost. At Langmore Dental, we combine the latest orthodontic treatments for adults, teens and children, with a unique, tailored approach to patient care. From your very first visit, we focus on you – your health, your comfort, your lifestyle – offering you the very best orthodontic experience.

Whether you are looking to achieve a stunning smile or improve alignment or function, you’ll be in good hands. Our experienced team will work closely with you to understand your goals. And our extra care will give you a sense of confidence and well-being right from the start.


Our most popular orthodontic treatments include:

Invisalign: Not only is this option virtually invisible, but it also allows you to take the aligner out on special occasions or to eat meals.
Braces: We offer a variety of braces that can have your teeth looking perfect and make you smile with confidence again

When it comes to an overcrowded smile there are two ways to rectify the issue:

Removal of the tooth to make space within the arch via extraction
Expansion of the arch to make room for all of a patient’s natural teeth. This is non-invasive and a non-extraction

It is never too late to benefit from beautifully straight teeth and at Langmore Dental, we are happy to help children and adults achieve their very best smiles. With our extensive range of treatments that are lifestyle-friendly and effective, we can ensure all our patients can smile with confidence.

When it comes to a confident smile, your teeth are the primary factors. If you have troubles showing off your pearly whites, we are here to provide all the right solutions for you. For an affordable dental solution, contact our friendly team on 03 9796 1881 or to book a free, no obligation consultation today

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