Non Extraction Orthodontics

It’s never too early, or too late to create the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted. At Langmore Dental, we strive to help you achieve your oral health goals using our variety of orthodontic solutions. We believe in a conservative approach that avoids the removal of teeth prior to treatment whenever possible.

There are many non-extraction orthodontic treatments available at our practice. We may recommend treating your jaw, head, neck or tongue, using their ideal positioning to make the changes we need to see. Once achieved, your teeth can then be aligned using orthodontics such as braces.


We aim to make sure that you maintain as many natural teeth as possible where your mouth allows it. Some orthodontists typically extract teeth when there are signs of overcrowding which causes crooked teeth.

Children Orthodontics

By guiding the healthy development of your child’s smile from a young age, early intervention orthopaedics has the potential to save your child from lengthy and expensive orthodontic treatment down the track. Our dental professionals will aim to perform non-extraction techniques to provide a better solution.

Adult Orthodontics

Many adult patients have spent years feeling self-conscious about their crooked smile but have believed that it is too late or too inconvenient to undergo orthodontic work to craft the straight smile they have always desired. At our dental practice we can provide contemporary orthodontic treatment options that suit the aesthetic requirements and demands of an adult lifestyle such as the transparent and removable orthodontic system Invisalign.

We are your trusted and reliable orthodontic specialist. We know what it takes to make our patients have a healthy and happy smile. Our friendly and professional team in Berwick are ready to take care of you. Contact our dental team on 03 9796 1881 or to book a free, no obligation consultation today

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