Everyone deserves to be the best version of themselves. That’s why at Langmore Dental, we offer a range of safe and restorative dentistry services to help you achieve the dental health and smile you want, no matter your stage in life.

Whether you have teeth that have deteriorated due to grinding, you’re in need of root canal treatment, or you have broken or chipped teeth due to an accident or other injury, we offer procedures and services to restore your smile to its former health and beauty. (9)

Some of the most common issues for restorative dental patients include:

Missing teeth
Chips or cracks
Gaps in teeth
Tooth decay

Our dental specialists will also develop a comprehensive rehabilitation plan that is fully customised for you. This may include several of these procedures:

Root canal treatment
Dental crowns, veneers, implants
White fillings
Orthodontics (braces, aligners, retainers)
Repositioning of the jaw
Contouring of gum tissue
Bone or soft tissue grafting

In some cases, your dentist may suggest an implant. Dental implants are anchored into the bone to support dental restorations like crowns, dental bridges and artificial teeth. Implants are a great permanent solution for missing teeth that allows you to eat and talk normally.

How much does restorative dentistry cost?

At Langmore Dental, we offer payment plans through Denticare to help you with those unexpected Dental expenses that may arise.
Denticare is a simple interest free direct debit payment plan for your dental treatment. There are no credit checks or complicated finance contracts to worry about.

Restorative Dentistry Services

Take the leap to a happy and healthy smile with restorative dentistry. Our dental specialists will work with you to suggest the best solution for your smile. For a free, no obligation consultation, contact us on 03 9796 1881 or

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