Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment involves the removal of infected tooth tissue inside the roots of the tooth (canals). The canals inside the tooth are then thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. Once healing has taken place the tooth is permanently sealed and a filling placed.

At Langmore Dental we recommend to have the tooth crowned within 3 months of completion of a Root Canal Filling to avoid the tooth breaking, as the tooth can become more brittle after treatment.


Root Canal Treatment may be required due to the following:

The tooth is badly broken down
The tooth is deeply decayed
The tooth is infected
The tooth has experienced trauma
Facial swelling is present
A visible gum boil or pimple is present

It is a fantastic option of treatment to save a tooth instead of having it removed.

Signs that you need Root Canal Treatment may include the following:

Moderate to severe toothache that lingers and is triggered by consuming hot or cold foods
Extreme tooth pain that can keep you awake at night
Pain when biting or chewing
Swelling or recurring pimple on the gums, which may involve blood or pus when pressed
Pain in one tooth that radiates or spreads to other areas of the jaw or head
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