Emergency Dental

We understand that sometimes things can happen where urgent care is required. It also applies to dental procedures. If you have an urgent dental need, whether it’s a sports injury, fractured tooth, or regular toothache, don’t delay contacting a professional. We are specialists in urgent dental care and have time available for you in times that you need us most.

The sudden onset of extreme pain to your teeth or gums, without any physical accident occurring, is usually a dental emergency. Other emergencies associated with dental procedures can occur too.


Call Langmore Dental if you notice a tooth is knocked out, displaced or cracked, a fixture is broken, an object is stuck in your teeth, your mouth or teeth are affected by a sports injury.

You should never wait if you think you have damaged your teeth or any part of your mouth, as it can lead to irreversible consequences. You should visit a hospital emergency immediately if your jaw is broken or your lips, gums or tongue are severely severed or damaged.

You can rely on Langmore Dental for the following reasons:

We'll do our utmost to treat you as soon as possible​
An immediate assessment of your teeth to assess damage or source of pain
Treatment to relieve pain, swelling or bleeding
Recommendation on short and long-term solutions​
A full range of treatments can be performed on-site​

Emergency Dentist Services

If you have a toothache and suspect you may have a fractured tooth, don’t wait to see an emergency dental specialist. At Langmore Dental, we have the right experience and technology to restore any of your damaged teeth. Get in touch with us on 03 9796 1881 or for your emergency dental needs.

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