Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are used to replace missing teeth and fill a space where one more teeth have been lost. The dental bridge is created by connecting two or more dental crowns together over your existing teeth. Unlike dentures, a bridge is bonded into place and only a dentist can remove it.

There are three main advantages of bridges: they look, feel and function like natural teeth; they don’t require removal for cleaning; and they are affordable and cost less than dental implants.


We will also show you how to effectively clean your bridge along with the rest of the mouth when you visit our practice. We also suggest avoiding hard, sticky snacks such as toffee, caramelised nuts and popcorn.

Langmore Dental Berwick emphasises that losing a tooth is a serious matter and encourage you to contact us as soon as possible if this has happened to you. When a tooth is missing the bones begin to shrink and change the shape of your face and all of this can be prevented if the tooth is replaced quickly.

Dental bridges are affordable, however, there are many variables that can affect the price, including:

Number of teeth needed to fill the gap
Materials used
Complexity/difficulty of the placement
Additional treatments for other dental issues, such as gum disease


01. Why might I need a dental bridge?
If you’ve lost one of your permanent teeth, a dental bridge can be a great way to fill the gap. If you’ve lost multiple teeth in the one area, a bridge can be a more secure solution than multiple single crowns. Our dental bridges in Berwick are durable and aesthetic.
02. Is it painful to get a dental bridge?
Although dental bridges should feel comfortable, you may experience discomfort and sensitivity following the procedure in Berwick. Moreover, the process of preparing the abutment teeth for a bridge—as well as recovery—can be painful. Rest assured, your dentist will provide local anaesthesia throughout the procedure, and adequate aftercare will work wonders.
03. Are dental bridges permanent?
While our dental bridges in Berwick have a lifespan of about five to fifteen years, they are a lifelong commitment. When a dentist prepares abutment teeth to support a bridge, they make irreversible alterations to your teeth; ergo, you will need to replace them when they break or wear out.

Stop the discomfort and pain of teeth ache today. Dental work doesn’t always have to leave your pockets empty, we’re your affordable dental specialists. Contact our dental team in Berwick on 03 9796 1881 or for no obligation consultation and smile with
confidence again.

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