Our Top Tips for a Painless, Stress-Free Root Canal Treatment

Our Top Tips for a Painless, Stress-Free Root Canal Treatment

Our Top Tips for a Painless, Stress-Free Root Canal Treatment

It is natural to feel at least a little bit anxious in the lead-up to a medical procedure. When dealing with this anxiety, it can even be tempting to avoid the experience altogether. It is important to remember, though, that medical treatment is prescribed for a reason, and while avoiding it will postpone immediate discomfort, this choice will only exasperate future issues. A root canal treatment is a prime example of a medical procedure that should not be postponed. If you are struggling with the prospect of receiving this treatment, there are a few things you can do to ease your nerves.

At Langmore Dental, we encourage our clients to be patient with and compassionate towards themselves. Give yourself the space and the tools to make root canal treatment as painless and stress-free as possible. We will also do everything we can to ensure that the experience is a positive one. Then, once the procedure is complete, you can focus on feeling better and enjoying an infection-free mouth.

Get Informed About Root Canals & What to Expect Before, During & After Treatment

One strategy for quelling anxiety is to educate yourself on the primary cause of your distress. If you learn as much as you can about your upcoming root canal treatment, you can go into your appointment knowing exactly what’s going to happen. Feeling totally prepared in this way can make the entire experience easier to grapple with. This strategy is also recommended because when it comes to the topic of root canal treatment, a lot of people are misinformed. Many assume that the process is going to be much more invasive than a filling, when, in reality, the two treatments are fairly similar.

During your root canal treatment, a tiny hole is drilled into the side of your tooth. Small instruments are then inserted into the hole to remove the infected tooth pulp. To finish off, protective cement is used to fill the hole, and then the hole is sealed. Keep in mind that you’ll be completely numb throughout the course of the procedure, as your dentist will provide you with shots of local anaesthetic. The main sensation you’re likely to notice is a feeling of pressure as the tooth’s pulp is removed. So, there’s no need to worry about whether a root canal hurts.

The procedure is also pretty quick, clocking in at a similar length of time to that of a standard filling. There are a couple of extra steps involving x-rays and keeping the tooth clean, but these steps shouldn’t add on too much extra time.

Once the procedure is complete, there will be a period of discomfort, but this feeling should fade in less than a week. And that’s it — your tooth is saved!

Discuss Treatment Options With Your Dentist

Dentists want to make your experience with any treatment as painless as possible, so don’t be afraid to speak to them about your needs and concerns. At Langmore Dental in Berwick, we’re happy to answer any questions you have about root canal treatment before we begin the procedure. You’re also welcome to request particular music, a TV show or a movie to play throughout the procedure, and we’ll do our best to make that happen for you. Having a distraction can work wonders to help you feel calm and can make time fly by faster.

Another option is to request sedation. We understand that for some people, being conscious during drilling is simply not manageable. If this is the case for you, discuss the topic with your dentist and they will lay out your options for you. Together, you should be able to come up with a plan that helps you feel safe and comfortable.

Practice Meditation & Self-Care Before the Procedure

If you’re dealing with anxiety over an upcoming event, it’s important that you validate those feelings within yourself. The way to overcome anxiety is not by dismissing it or berating yourself for being afraid of something that’s harmless. Instead, practice methods for self-soothing and relaxation.

Before your root canal procedure, we recommend that you engage in some of your favourite forms of pampering. Take a long bath, eat at your favourite restaurant, exercise or simply lounge on the couch. It can also be extremely helpful to practise meditation and visualisation.

These strategies will help you to address your worries and ease them. Visualising your root canal treatment, for example, will involve imagining yourself in the chair while your dentist performs the procedure. Visualise yourself remaining calm and pain-free throughout each step of the procedure. Consider what actions you would take if you did start to feel panicky, so that you can prepare yourself for that scenario. These techniques should help you on the day of the procedure.

Focus on the End Result

It might comfort you to know that the end result of a root canal procedure is extremely positive. This treatment will eradicate any pain you’ve been experiencing in the infected area and, ultimately, save your tooth. Once treatment is complete and your tooth is fully healed, your dentist will either provide bonding or a crown that matches your surrounding teeth perfectly. This bonding or crown will protect your tooth and allow you to smile without worrying about a visual variation of any kind. Nobody will be able to tell that any dental work has occurred, and you can forget that your tooth was ever infected!

But what happens if you don’t get a root canal? Unfortunately, the option of skipping the procedure altogether will only lead to enhanced pain and a need for other, more invasive procedures. In the lead up to your treatment, you will undoubtedly be experiencing awful twinges around the infected area. Once the root canal treatment is completed though, and a few days have passed, you will no longer be experiencing any pain or discomfort from this area. If you decide against this treatment, however, the infected pulp will not be removed from your tooth. This infection can lead to consequences like gum disease, and the need for more involved procedures, such as tooth extraction.

Find a Dentist You Trust

If you tend to get nervous about medical procedures, it’s important that you employ the services of medical professionals with whom you feel comfortable. Your dentist should be someone who is happy to talk you through procedures and answer any questions you have about various forms of treatment. At Langmore Dental, we do everything we can to provide a positive and stress-free experience. Operating out of Berwick for many years, our staff of dedicated dentists are always happy to provide you with whatever resources and options you require to feel safe and calm. For exceptional dentistry in the Berwick area, contact Langmore Dental today!