Are Clear Aligners Effective?

Are Clear Aligners Effective?

Are Clear Aligners Effective?

Having straight teeth is something lots of people desire. However, believing that this desire is all about aesthetics is a common misconception. In fact, straightening out crooked teeth can have significant benefits for a person’s overall dental health. Although traditional braces remain commonplace, advances in technology have meant that orthodontists and dentists have devised more innovative and less intrusive ways to fix crooked teeth through the use of clear teeth aligners.

What Is Invisalign & How Does It Work?

Invisalign braces make use of advanced orthodontic technology to provide a custom teeth-straightening solution whereby the patient won’t need to experience a mouth full of metal. It works by using computer-generated imaging and impressions of the mouth taken by a dentist to create invisible aligners that are custom-built for the client. While traditional braces utilise fixed wires to ‘pull’ the teeth into alignment, Invisalign works by aligning the teeth using a series of moulds that, over the course of several months, force the teeth into the desired position.

Are Clear Aligners Better Than Braces?

If you’re on the fence about trying this new technology over fixed braces, these are some of the benefits that clear teeth aligners have over traditional braces.


Traditional metal braces have sharp edges that can cut into a person’s lips and cheeks, leaving sores that take time to heal. Adding wax over the brackets is an option to alleviate this problem, but this isn’t a foolproof solution as it can fall off and needs to be replaced. Invisalign braces are custom-made for each patient, and because a high-quality resin is used to smooth the edges, you also don’t experience any rubbing in the first place.

Improved Dental Hygiene

Naturally, anyone who invests in orthodontic treatment wants a sparkly clean smile. Unfortunately, the brackets of metal braces are perfect for catching food and plaque, which makes it difficult to maintain a high standard of dental hygiene. However, removable aligners allow a person to clean their teeth just the way they usually would. You can also fully clean the aligners as well. If traditional braces aren’t properly cleaned, it can have negative impacts on oral hygiene and lead to conditions such as gum disease and tooth decay. But this isn’t a worry with clear aligners.

Superior Eating & Drinking Experience

With regular metal braces, your food and drink choices will be limited. However, if you opt for clear aligners, you’ll be able to eat and drink anything you want. The problem with traditional braces is that any foodstuff that is too sticky, crunchy or hard can cause the metal brackets to snap and the wires to bend. This rules out anything like caramel, chewing gum, popcorn and even crunchy apples. Because Invisalign braces should be removed before eating and drinking (except water), you are free to eat whatever your heart desires, as long as you brush your teeth afterwards.

Shorter Treatment Length

The process of Invisalign braces is substantially shorter than the period of time a person is usually required to wear more traditional braces. On average, patients only need to wear their clear aligners for 6 to 18 months, whereas traditional braces usually need to be on for two years, which is a long time to wait for straight teeth. The reason traditional braces need longer to work is that they don’t have the precise movement planned out as meticulously as is the case with removable aligners.

A Self Confidence Boost

Now, the most popular reason for straightening one’s teeth is often cosmetic as it gives people a self-confidence boost. However, in the interim period, while a person is undergoing treatment, fixed braces tend to draw attention to one’s teeth, the very thing you are likely to be most sensitive about. Because Invisalign braces are made from clear resin that fits your teeth like a glove, they are practically invisible, so the chances are nobody will notice them.

The Next Steps

It’s clear that invisible aligners are an effective orthodontic intervention when it comes to straightening teeth from an aesthetic point of view and in terms of efficiency, dental hygiene and self-confidence. So, if you are looking to get fitted for a set of clear aligners in Berwick, you’re in luck. Langmore Dental has a fully equipped team of professionals to take you on your journey with Invisalign braces.

What’s more, the team at Langmore Dental Clinic in Berwick understands that everyone should have the chance at clear teeth aligners. This is why we offer our clients a free no-obligation assessment to establish whether or not this is the best treatment solution.

So what are you waiting for? Contact Langmore Dental to book your Invisalign consultation today!