Are you scared or anxious about the thought of coming to see a dentist? Well we have a solution for you. As experienced clinicians, we understand the hesitation or past trauma our patients may have experienced previously. We pride ourselves in making sure each visit is a welcoming, friendly and comfortable experience.


We provide services such as sedation via happy gas (Nitrous oxide). This is a procedure where the patient will have a mask covering their nose and the gas is inhaled through the nostrils to be used effectively. The gas will take effect within minutes leading to a state of euphoria. Immediately you will be feeling relaxed and those anxious feelings will be gone. You will still be awake during the dental procedure but this gas helps to relax and guide you through the appointment.

If this is something you would be interested in or have more questions about please call our clinic on 03 9796 1881 to speak with our friendly reception team.

Although relaxing and dentistry don’t seem to go hand in hand, you can rest assured our friendly and professional team in Berwick are ready to take care of you. Contact our dental team on 03 9796 1881 or