How To Get The Most Out Of Your Next 6-Monthly Dental Clean & Check-Up?

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Next 6-Monthly Dental Clean & Check-Up?

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Next 6-Monthly Dental Clean & Check-Up?

Maintaining optimum oral health necessitates regular dental examinations and cleaning. Having good dental health can benefit you in many ways, including your social well-being. It can help you to eat, chat and even mingle without feeling self-conscious or embarrassed. Taking good care of your teeth is a lifetime commitment that includes consuming nutritious meals, brushing your teeth, flossing and seeing the dentist — like our dental clinic in Berwick — on a regular basis.

One of the most important things you can do is have a regular dental clean to keep your teeth and gums healthy. This is when your dentist can assess whether you have any problems and establish a treatment plan to solve them. Maintaining your dental health regimen and making these regular visits can ensure that you remain on track to keeping your teeth strong and healthy.

Of course, if you want to get the most out of your appointment and dental clean, there’s plenty you can do too before and during the appointment.

Set Yourself Up for a Great Appointment

Create a List of Your Concerns & Queries Before Your Appointment

We’ve all been there — you’ve just finished up at the dentist and are enjoying that lovely clean mouth feel but then remember there was a question you wanted to ask your dentist! That’s why we recommend in the week or two leading up to your appointment, take some time to jot down any questions or concerns you have. Then you have a record you can bring along to your appointment and you won’t forget anything.

Confirm Your Appointment Time

Life is pretty busy, and it’s easy for appointments to get missed. Luckily, most dental clinics use automatic calendar services that text or email you to remind you of your appointment. This is super handy to give you a heads up a day or two out. However, remember that you may need to respond to verify your attendance. When you get that text or email, make sure to respond as soon as possible. You can then make a note on your phone or in your diary to remind you on the day when it’s time to go to your appointment.

While this may seem obvious, this is a great strategy to ensure you get to your dentist appointment in a positive frame of mind without feeling like you’re rushing. This can also help you avoid forgetting to ask those important questions.

Be Honest About Dental Phobias & Anxiety

If visiting the dentist makes you feel a little anxious or worried, that’s okay. But it’s important to remember that your oral health matters, and just like getting a vaccination when you’re a little worried by needles, seeing the dentist is something you can prepare yourself for to make the experience a positive one.

At our dental clinic serving Beaconsfield, Berwick and surrounding areas, we like to know if our patients have any worries or concerns, so that we can help them feel more comfortable. We can make accommodations, like playing your favourite music or taking things slowly and explaining exactly what is happening, to make you feel at ease. Of course, unless you tell us, we won’t know! That’s why we recommend you let your dentist and their team know before your appointment — when you book it or when you arrive — that you’re feeling anxious.

Brush & Floss Your Teeth Before Your Visit

You can help give your dentist the most time possible to focus on your oral health by ensuring your mouth is in good condition. A great way to do this is to brush up on your oral health skills, like brushing and flossing. Then, on the day of your appointment, make sure to give your teeth a quick brush before you head into the clinic. With the everyday tartar and leftover food removed already, your dentist can get to work on giving your teeth a thorough deep clean.

3 Things to Do During Your Dental Appointment

Provide Health Record Updates

Did you know that many health issues, such as diabetes, can have an impact on a person’s oral health? When your dentist is aware of any conditions you may have, they will be better able to treat you. So, make sure to give your dentist an update, before the clean begins, on any health changes since your last visit.

Specify All Drugs, Supplements, And Vitamins You Are Taking:

Speaking of health updates, it’s also important to disclose to your dentist any medication you’re taking. This is because certain drugs can cause dry mouth or high blood pressure, which can raise the risk of gum problems and dental decay. Other drugs have a thinning effect on the patient’s blood, which might result in more bleeding following dental procedures. When a dentist is informed of the medications a patient is taking, necessary precautions may be taken to ensure that their adverse effects do not cause issues during treatment.

Ask for Hygiene Advice & Any Other Questions You May Have

A dentist’s work includes educating patients about their dental health, so take advantage of this opportunity to learn about how to look after your teeth. This is also the perfect time to ask about any of those concerns you’ve been keeping track of. Your dentist will be able to explain what is happening or look more closely at the issue to find the cause.

Make Your Next Dental Visit the Best Yet

Even adopting a couple of these suggestions can make a big difference in what you get out of your next dental check-up, including gaining a better understanding of your overall oral health and how to maintain it. If it’s been a little while since your last clean, why not visit the team at Langmore Dental? Our team aspires to help all our patients get the most out of their dental care. We work hard to create an enjoyable and educational experience while delivering exceptional care using the most advanced dental techniques. So, give us a call today!